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Did you know scholarships may be available for Infant Aquatic Survival Students?

Did you know scholarships may be available for Infant Aquatic Survival Students?

I have made the decision to stay open at this time. I am leaving it up to you to make the decision to start and attend lessons as scheduled or suspend your lessons to a later date. Please let me know as soon as possible if you plan to suspend.


1. If you or your child is running a fever do not attend lessons (contact me) your child must be fever free for a minimum 48 hours and free of any flu like symptoms.(This includes myself and other instructors we want to keep your child healthy).

2. If your child has a plugged-up nose, thick nose mucus and phlegm do not bring them to lessons.

3. We are asking that only one caregiver be in the pool area with your child. If that is not possible, I do understand; however, any more than three will have to wait in your car or outside. 

4. If you arrive early, please wait in your car or outside at the picnic table area, maintaining social distancing,  until the students before you have exited. Have your child dressed in their swim gear ready to go

5. Wash your hands - use hand sanitizer before and after lessons.

6. All children must be escorted to the bathroom with a caregiver, make sure they wash their hands 


Did you know scholarships may be available for Infant Aquatic Survival Students?

Did you know scholarships may be available for Infant Aquatic Survival Students?

Did you know scholarships may be available for Infant Aquatic Survival Students?

Scholarships are made available through the Colt Catalina Foundation and pay 50% of the tuition fee.  Apply today by visiting    


Need swim gear? 

We have partnered with  Swim Outlet for your swim gear!! 


Why Swim and Smile TX


Why Infant Aquatics

 Children are naturally drawn to pools, hot tubs, lakes, ponds,  streams, reservoirs and beaches. Despite a parent’s best efforts at  supervision, it only takes one head turn before an accident has  occurred.

It’s not just about being comfortable in the water, it’s being able  to swim and survive. Empower your child with the skills needed to safely  enjoy the water! Discover the Infant Aquatics Difference today!

What Can Infants Learn?

 Infants six to twelve months can learn the skills to:

  • Hold their breath in the water.
  • Roll from a face-down position to a face up back float.
  • Float, relax and breathe until rescued by an adult.
  • Perform these skills fully clothed.

Particularly active infants may also learn to propel a short distance  through the water between two parents. Learning these skills takes  approximately 12 to 20 lessons.

Children who are walking (1-3 years) can learn the skills to:

  • Hold their breath in the water.
  • Swim with their face in the water to the steps, side, or parent.
  • Roll over onto their back when they need to breathe.
  • Flip back onto their tummy to continue to swim until reaching their  destination, or roll to their back should they need to breathe again.
  • Perform these skills fully clothed.

The time frame for children to master these skills is typically 16 to 24 lessons.

Our Teaching Methods

 How Are Lessons Structured?

Initial lessons with Infant Aquatics are one-on-one, approximately 10  minutes in length, usually 4 or 5 days per week for 4-6 weeks. Each  lesson builds upon the previous day’s lesson, so there is measurable  progress each week.

How Can You Teach a Baby Who Cannot Talk?

Swimming and floating are motor skills that can be taught to babies  through repetitive exercises, along with gentle verbal encouragement. We  show the babies what we want them to do, and over a short period of  time, they learn the skills necessary to survive. Be assured, we do not  throw children into the water! We use a variety of methods, combining  the best ideas from swim schools and infant/toddler programs throughout  the world. 

What is the Parent’s Role?

We encourage parents of infant and toddlers to get in the water for the first  few lessons so that your child will experience less stranger and  separation anxiety. Our goal for children of all ages is to establish a  relationship of trust between your child and the instructor. Once this  occurs, your child will learn to trust him/herself in the water and real  progress begins.

What are the costs?

Swim & Smile Baby Group Classes - Seasonal (not being held at this time)

  • Little Dippers (3-6mo)  (parent -child) $45.00 fee 
  • Little Splashers  (parent-child) (7-18mo) Seasonal  $70.00

Basic Private Lessons (4 and up)

  • Basic Private Lessons  8-30 min classes $240
  • Semi Private Lessons 8-30 min classes(2 student max  split class fee)$260
  • Private Stroke Refinement  8-30 min classes $250

Infant Aquatic Survival Classes 

All children must complete the initial Infant Aquatic Survival 4 or 6wk course to be in the listed classes below.  

  • Infant Aquatic Survival 4 WK PK -  $50 registration fee (non-refundable) and $270.00 Total $320.00 (6mo-15mo)
  • Infant Aquatic Survival 6 WK PK -  $50 registration fee (non-refundable) and $400 Total $450.00(16mo-48mo)
  • Infant Aquatic Refreshers/Maintenance (must have completed IAS) 8 -10 min lessons - $125.00
  • Swim-Float-Swim  8 PK (must have completed IAS) $200 (8-20 min classes)
  • Little Giggles Group (parent-child)  (7-36mo) (8- 30 min classes once a week) $60.00
  • Splash & Smile Group Class (19mo-4yrs)(8-30 min classes once a week) $60.00
  • Strokes N Floats ( ages 4-8)  (8 -30 min classes twice a week ) $100.00
  • Swim & Smile Core Class  (set up by appt only ) $200

Class Descriptions

About Us



Saving Lives..One Child at a Time


Swim & Smile TX LLC offers proven survival skills training to enable your child to float or swim float swim in the event he/she may fall in to the water.  Discover what a young child can learn when placed in the hands of an  Infant Aquatic Specialist.  Infant Aquatic Specialists teach survival swimming skills to children 6 mo to 48 months.  We will teach your child the skills to roll over and FLOAT.   Our licensed certified instructor will teach your child to safely enjoy the water in weeks not years! 

Also offering Private swimming lessons and stroke refinement lessons. 

Meet Coach Brooke

  • Bachelors Of Science-  Sports and Health Sciences
  • CPR/AED/First  Aid/Lifeguard- American Red Cross
  • CPR/AED- American Heart Association
  • Swim America Level Gold
  • Level 1, 2, 3 Swim Coach- American Swim Coaches Association
  • USA Swim Coach- USA Swimming
  • Certified pool Operator-  NSPF
  • 15 years Coaching and   teaching experience- USA swimming, TAAF, Texas High School Swimming
  • 2015 UIL district girls  coach of the year
  • 3 state High School  swimming qualifiers and 3 sectional qualified swimmers USA swimming


Meet Mrs. Kim

Saving Lives..One Child at a Time


 Kim Emery

AEA, NPO, SSTI, WSI, IAS Aquatic Instructor Specialist 

Licenses & Certifications

  • Licensed/Certified Infant Aquatic Specialist, Infant Aquatic Survival 
  • Instructor Trainer, Starfish Aquatics
  • Water Safety Instructor, American Red Cross
  • Lifeguard,  ARC  Certification (exp)
  • CPR, AED, First Aid, American Red Cross 
  • CPR/AED, American Heart Association
  • Adapted Aquatics Swim Instructor Certification, Angelfish Swimming. 
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder training , Swimming With Autism, San Diego, CA
  • Certified Stroke Technician, ASCA
  • Level 1, 2 & 3 Swim Coach American Swim Coaches Association
  •  Level 2 Swim Coach, USA Swim
  •  Aquatic Fitness Professional, Aquatic Exercise Association
  • Mom's in Motion Certification
  • National Aquatic Manager, Level 1, National Parks & Recreation Association
  • Certified Pool Operator, NSPF


Saving Lives..One Child at a Time

Saving Lives..One Child at a Time

Saving Lives..One Child at a Time

At Swim & Smile TX LLC in Decatur, TX, your child is guided through a hands on and one-on-one class  in a program that is personalized for age appropriate and skill level.  Few programs are willing to teach children under age three. We teach ages 6 mo and up Private lessons. 

What Makes us Different?

  • Students learn in weeks not years
  • We offer specialized swimming and water safety instruction from  learning the skills to roll over and float and/or the skills to swim-float-swim to freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke.
  • Students learn in a private lessons or semi private lessons setting 
  • Instructors are licensed, certified, trained and experienced
  • Annual background checks are required for instructors
  • Instructors attend monthly in-services and annual conferences providing them current up to date teaching techniques . 
  • While not fancy our pool will be warm, quiet and welcoming.

Please contact me via email at kim@swimandsmiletx.com for more information!



Molly H. Decatur, TX

I am standing at my at my kitchen window cooking lunch and watching Read swim all over the pool, big arms, roll over, and breathe and kick, roll back and swim. All over the pool. It makes me so happy! We can’t thank you enough for all that you taught him!! (Don’t worry, my sister is the pool too, he’s not out there alone!) Hope you have a wonderful 4th!


Amanda V. Fort Worth, TX


Kim Emery is a wonderful swim teacher. As a family with a small child and a pool out our backdoor, teaching our daughter how to survive if she fell in was a top priority. We signed up for survival swim and were so happy with our results. Kim was patient with our toddler, and always tailored the class to her needs. With our daughter being a little older, there was a “toddler attitude” that had to be dealt with. Kim knew how to handle this, and would make it so that each class was productive. She even took my daughters “Moana” in for lessons as well. This eased the anxiety my daughter would feel during a few of the skills. And above all else, she made it fun and truly cared for our child. When the music was on, they would go and dance for a while to show that the water was a fun place too! We highly recommend Kim for any swimming needs your child has!  


Bryn, Student

Bryn's sweet words about lessons :) 

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